Guitar Repair California

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Acoustic Guitar Repair

Taylor, Martin, Gibson or any brand; we repair all brands warranty and non-warranty.

Electric Guitar Repair

Guitar setups, electronics, pickup installation, hotrod mods
Broken headstock repair, fretwork repair or replacement
Complete guitar assembly, Custom Paint Shop
Licensed By Fender bodies and necks made to your specs

Amp Repair

Need your amp diagnosed, biased or retubed? You've come to the right place we handle all brands of amplifiers!

Custom Guitars

Edenhaus Custom Guitar Shop, this is where your dreams are fulfilled. We offer you the artist a skies the limit attitude to your requests and ideas. Please take a look around and let us know if we can help you fulfill your dreams!

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Guitar Setup

A setup is necessary at least once a year depending on how much you play; You will also need a setup if you change the string gauge on your guitar.


* Action Adjustment

* Intonation Adjustment

* Bridge Parallel

* Truss Rod Adjustment

* Check and tighten all hardware

* Pickup Height Adjustment

* Tuners Adjusted

* Fingerboard Oiled

* Strings are at an extra cost



There is no repair too big or too small,
please call us for a consultation, we would
be happy to help you, 562-945-9490 or
email us at



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