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Acoustic Guitar Repair

Taylor, Martin, Gibson or any brand; we repair all brands warranty and non-warranty.

Electric Guitar Repair

Guitar setups, electronics, pickup installation, hotrod mods
Broken headstock repair, fretwork repair or replacement
Complete guitar assembly, Custom Paint Shop
Licensed By Fender bodies and necks made to your specs

Amp Repair

Need your amp diagnosed, biased or retubed? You've come to the right place we handle all brands of amplifiers!

Custom Guitars

Edenhaus Custom Guitar Shop, this is where your dreams are fulfilled. We offer you the artist a skies the limit attitude to your requests and ideas. Please take a look around and let us know if we can help you fulfill your dreams!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How do I get a price on a guitar repair?
  2. Where can I find replacement bodies and necks for my guitar?
  3. Why does my guitar sound and play so bad?
  4. Who does the guitar repair?
  5. What are your hours?
  6. How long will the repair take?

How do I get a price on a guitar repair?

    Many of the guitar repairs can be quoted over the phone but there are specific repairs that we would need to see in order to give you a price. (Crack or broken headstock repair and paint repairs) would need to be brought into the shop for a price.
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Where can I find replacement bodies and necks for my guitar?

    We manufacture Licensed By Fender replacement parts as well as custom guitar parts,
    please visit us at www.bhefner.com for pricing and more information.
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Why does my guitar sound and play so bad?

    When was the last time you had a setup (tuneup) on your guitar?
    This is something that should be done once or twice a year depending on how much you play.
    Most of the time this is the simple fix needed to get your guitar back to playing right.
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Who does the guitar repair?

    Bernie does all the repairs in the shop, with 30 years of experience building guitars for many major guitar companies and countless small builders, you can be sure that the work will be done right.
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What are your hours?


    9 am - 4 pm
    9 am - 4 pm
    9 am - 4 pm
    9 am - 4 pm 
    9 am - 4 pm 
    9 AM - 1 PM


    Our luthier and owner, Bernie, is almost always at the shop, except for those times when he is
    out picking up lumber, or for appointments, etc. If you would like to meet with Bernie personally,
    please give us a call just to make sure he will be at the shop when you come by. Otherwise you
    can drop off your guitar for repair and Bernie will contact you the same or next day.

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How long will the repair take?

    Repairs vary in the amount of time it takes but typical repairs such as setups and electronic
    repairs or installations usually only take one to two days. An accurate leadtime will be given to
    you when the guitar is evaluated and we have established what repairs need to be made.
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