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Acoustic Guitar Repair

Taylor, Martin, Gibson or any brand; we repair all brands warranty and non-warranty.

Electric Guitar Repair

Guitar setups, electronics, pickup installation, hotrod mods
Broken headstock repair, fretwork repair or replacement
Complete guitar assembly, Custom Paint Shop
Licensed By Fender bodies and necks made to your specs

Amp Repair

Need your amp diagnosed, biased or retubed? You've come to the right place we handle all brands of amplifiers!

Custom Guitars

Edenhaus Custom Guitar Shop, this is where your dreams are fulfilled. We offer you the artist a skies the limit attitude to your requests and ideas. Please take a look around and let us know if we can help you fulfill your dreams!

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Customer Reviews

I've been coming to Bernie for years with many of my guitars for setups, pickup swaps and other things and one thing I have learned over the years is that he always gets the job done correctly. I have taken basically all of my guitars at this point ranging from my average hardtail 6-string, all the way to my Floyd Rose 7-string. I have yet to get a guitar back that wasn't tuned right, properly adjusted or overall didn't play or sound good. Bernie does very good work and has me always going back to him. He's a very nice guy and is willing to work with you. It's a big gem

Luis T.


Had my Fender Jazz Bass painted here. Excellent work! Highly recommend.

Juan C.


Wanted to thank you again for the excellent fret work and set up you did on my Strat unsurpassed



Setup multiple guitars and basses for me. Even did some extra work on my bass, due to noisy pickups, at no extra charge. Great shop!

Manuel P.


What an incredible guitar shop, they have everything more hardware than any other shop I've seen. They make licensed by fender bodies and necks, there's a custom paint shop and they do every type of repair possible. I was truly in heaven! Bernie and his staff are just great; I live in Northridge and I'll tell you it was well worth the drive.

Jeff H.


These guys helped me out big time. My Gibson had a tap coil out under warranty. They ordered the part came in and fixed it in 5 minutes while I waited. Christian owned too so you know they are going to go the extra mile to make it right!

Shayne K.


I live in Whittier, didn't realize you were so close and you're a certified Taylor guitar repair center! Brought mine in for a broken preamp repair.

Johnny D.


Repaired my acoustic guitar when the bridge was coming off. Very pleased with the result!

Luis A.


I recently got endorsed by Spear Guitars USA and after receiving my first bass, I realized one of the volume knobs was loose. Easy fix i'm sure but I didn't have the proper tools. I was able to bring it in to Guitar Alley and the owner fixed it for me on the spot and charged me a rate so low I dare not repeat it. Now I don't have to ship the instrument back and go thru all that headache. Thanks guys!

Eddie S.


Absolutely loved it! Took my boyfriend's Ibanez to get fixed up... Great work and great service! :)

Lorena G.


I FOUND SOMEONE THAT'S WORLD CLASS WHO CAN WIRE MY GUITARS! Wiring my guitars is very difficult due to my custom modifications... I've had other "world class" technicians have me pay them up front, were expensive and did no work. Bernie is a sweet, very nice guy - I cannot recommend him more... If you need any technical wiring or basically anything guitar related PLEASE give this guy a call. He's unbelievable! He's getting a glowing review and promotion from me on my website. Thank you thank you thank you Mr. Hefner - you are truly the real thing!

CJR (Chris)


Thanks again for being so nice and for selling me such good stuff. My really best regards!

Rafael da Costa


I received the Neck that I ordered and it's beautiful, really. You guys do great work, and are very courteous and professional. I sincerely appreciate it. I'm really looking forward to playing on this Neck, and already can't wait for the next project! Look forward to working with you again.



Thanks again B, They both look absolutely Beautiful!!! as always my brother. I'll be back for some more guitar parts from you soon. Thank you!



Great work! Bernie really knows his stuff! I hadn't taken my guitar to someone in years because I'm very particular on who works on it. As soon as I walked into the shop I could tell he would take care of everything, which he did, guitar feels as great as ever again! Amazing work!

Sam W.


I dare say that this is one of the best finishes I have seen on a guitar! It would not hang embarrassed next to PRS guitars at the NAMM show. It is a standard Fender color reminiscent of the '50s, looks like glass and is flawless! Thanks!



B! Thanks so much for bringing my first beauty back to life! (Complete refinish job)
The second one is coming to your doorstep soon. Maybe on my next tour I'll drop it off. Stay tuned...... All roads lead to B. Hefner / Guitar Alley!

Melvin Lee Davis (Chaka Khan, Lee Ritenour, The Pointer Sisters, etc.)


Bernie Hefner and his Guitar Alley is awesome! I was fed-up with paying guitar techs and luthiers thousands to get my favorite guitars playing their best so I took guitar tech courses and tried doing it myself. I came close, but I knew they weren't right. I looked up online for someone near me and I found Bernie. So glad I did. He set-up my Strat, replaced the nut, dressed frets and worked magic! Never played or sounded better. I then had him look at my 1943 Martin... this guitar went through the War with my uncle; it means a lot to me. I have spent thousand on refrets, reset of the neck, nuts etc. Never was it right. Bernie got it, did a special refret and bridge/saddle work and now.....? Wow, it is absolutely wonderful. His shop is awesome and his work is spectacular with fantastic pricing. He's going to build a hollow body Strat for me as soon as possible. You need work? You want to buy a custom solid body guitar or parts? Bernie is special folks. I have found my Tech for life!

Bob C. La Mirada


Looks great! Thank you for helping me and doing a primo job. Look forward to more services in the future. I will recommend you to all. Thanks again. Feel free to use me as a reference.



The neck is coming along, I waited a week before putting tuners and a bone nut on. I wanted to let the lacquer cure a bit. The lacquer itself, it feels pretty good, not sticky and looks just right. So I have to say thank you Bernie. I am very satisfied with the neck and your service. Would be happy to sing your praises in the social media.



Thank you for my strat neck. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the end product. I was hoping for fender quality but this surpassed my expectations. The workmanship is outstanding, and the fret work is the best I've ever seen. Absolutely Beautiful. 
Thank You 
Scott T


I just received my Heritage Eagle with the sunburst top refinished by your company. I would like to express my total satisfaction with an absolutely beautiful job! It would be difficult for anyone to tell the top was refinished, except for those who would recognize the finish is superior to the kind of factory work received from Heritage Guitars. Beautiful Work, Thank You!

Don Nielsen


I am impressed by the quality of work - The paint job is immaculate and the body is super light! Please thank the team for such quality work. I would recommend your work to others in a heartbeat.

Brent T.


You guys do great work and are very courteous and professional. I sincerely appreciate it. I already can't wait for the next project!

Todd G.


Had fretwork and a new custom nut made. Very nice work, just amazing improvement in tone!

Scott C.


Had my Strat refinished in Olympic White - Great job! Thanks Bernie!

Joe B.


Thank you so much for the moon burst guitar body - Wow! Wonderful work, thank you guys very much!

Richard Lea


Great service, awesome set up on my old 1985 Westone guitar, very friendly people... i'll definitely be a return customer thanks!!

D. Bowie


Had my prized PRS & 57 Strat frets and set up done here...excellent work, highly recommended.

M. Don


Bernie was very helpful on putting a kala ukulele UBASS ASAC-FS together. I bought it as a basket case and bought all the missing parts from KALA. Took 5 weeks for him to erect frankenstein LOL. WOW GREAT JOB BERNIE! It looks like new & my wife LOVES IT. Next job will be my grandson's telecaster so be ready BERNIE. THANKS!

Terry B.




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